This website flaretiming.com is a place for publishing the results of scoring competitions with a suite of command line apps, collectively called flare-timing.

FS is the official software for scoring competitions. This involves collecting inputs, scoring and producing *.html artefacts that can be pushed to a web server to publish the results. For recording inputs FS has forms for setting up the competition parameters and registering pilots. These are saved to the *.fsdb file. When pilots download their track logs after a flight, FS copies these *.kml and *.igc files to disk and saves the relative file location in the *.fsdb associating it with pilot and task. When FS does the scoring, the results are also written to the *.fsdb file.

The apps of flare-timing when run in sequence are a reference implementation of GAP. Scoring starts with taking as inputs the *.fsdb, *.kml and *.igc saved by FS.

A competition is scored by running these apps in sequence:

  1. Extract the inputs with extract-input.
  2. Trace the shortest path to fly a task with task-length.
  3. Find pairs of fixes crossing over zones with cross-zone.
  4. Interpolate between crossing fixes for the time and place where a track tags a zone with tag-zone.
  5. Index fixes from the time of first crossing with align-time.
  6. Discard fixes that get further from goal and note leading area with discard-further.
  7. Mask a task over its tracklogs with mask-track.
  8. Group and count land outs with land-out.
  9. Score the competition with gap-point.

As well as producing the final scores for each pilot in a task, these apps also produce intermediate workings that can be checked by hand to ensure that the scoring is being done correctly, in accordance with the rules of GAP.